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About Afipre

Afipre – Ferramentas de Corte, Lda. is a manufacturer that develops and produces special high precision cutting tools for the metalworking industry, offering for its customers a wide range of customizable and innovative solutions.

Manufactures a wide variety of products such as cutters, drills, burisers, countersinks, punches, discs, males or mandrels.

Afipre – Ferramentas de Corte, Lda. Is distinguished by the quality of its services and products, offering an efficient response to all the requests and demands of its customers, with a team of qualified, dedicated and trained professionals.

A company that have more than 20 years, are now putting all the knowledge and investment on the last technology to manufacture the best product possible.


Born on January 12, 1998, Afipre – Ferramentas de Corte, Lda. Begins to be really known and to work in a little market filled by similar companies where it has been inserted for about 7 years; a period of strong growth and development.

With the entry into the new millennium, Afipre – Ferramentas de Corte, Lda. Has raised its level of demand, acquiring its first high precision manual equipment. Subsequently, with the increase in its volume of services and more requests from its customers, the company was forced to acquire more sophisticated and high precision equipment.

In 2005, Afipre – Ferramentas de Corte, Lda. Started the implementation of a Quality Management System and investment on our firsts CNC. Today it is on the market as a company certified by the latest international quality standards, with the main purpose of satisfying its customers.

At the beginning of 2018, a new phase began when the new facilities were inaugurated in Lousado, Vila Nova de Famalicão.

Our history continues in the present with a promising future ahead of us and with a view to total customer satisfaction in the most demanding markets.

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