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Consultancy and technical advice with latest generation tools where the engineering department will carry out simulations to be able to recommend the best possible version for each cutting tool, reducing the cost per tool and consequently the cost per piece.

Sharpening and Repair

Sharpening and Repair of carbide and/or PCD cutting tools maintaining original geometries and coatings, being able to give the tools a performance capacity almost like new, for a lower cost using circular economy, guaranteeing all the quality and precision parameters.


PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition) coatings, when applied correctly, exponentially improve the characteristics and functionality of cutting tools. They can increase surface hardness and decrease the coefficient of friction and thermal conductivity.

Stock management and control of your stock remotely

Afipre is aware that cutting tools are directly related to the cost per piece and how important this is in such a competitive market. Therefore, the management of cutting tools is a crucial part when there are dozens of tools between production and maintenance and the need for rapid solutions.

To facilitate all this control, we have added a QR CODE to our tools, namely for integration with intelligent warehouses, so that you can easily manage your stocks

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